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Ash Test and Carbon Content Test

Ash Test is a test performed, in accordance with ISO 3451-1, to determine how much inorganic material is contained in the product from the amount of ash generated after combustion in the muffle furnace.

As per the standard, the sample is kept in the muffle furnace at a maximum temperature of 950 °C for a maximum of 3 hours, and the amount of inorganic matter is determined by weighing the amount of ash generated upon the completion of the combustion process.

The amount of carbon is determined proportionally using this method that is also employed in our establishment.

When determining the amount of carbon by mass, the test is carried out based on ISO 6964 and ASTM 1603. These standards are not applied in our establishment.

Approximately 1 g of Black Masterbatch is taken and the sample is first decomposed into its components under nitrogen gas at 550 ± 50 °C without burning. At the current temperature and environment, the carrier polymer in the masterbatch will evaporate away. The remaining material will be Carbon Black and inorganic fillers. Following this phase, ash test will be performed and the amount of carbon can be determined over the mass that is reduced by reaching the combustion temperatures for Carbon Black.

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