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History of the Plastic

Plastic is derived from the Greek words "plastikos" and "plastos" meaning "fit for molding" and “molded”, respectively.

Horns and tortoise shells were first used as natural plastic in the 1200s.

In the man-made form, it was produced by Alexander Parkes in 1862 and used in clothing buttons.

In 1872, PVC was developed as a rigid plastic by the German chemist Eugen Bauman. However, it was not used until 1920 since it was not practical.

  • In 1887, John Hyatt from the US and Daniel Spill from England discovered the celluloid material. Conducting a series of works, they allowed the material to be used in the film industry to replace glass sheets.

  • In 1909, bakelite was developed by an American chemist.

  • In 1926, airtight packaging products were made from the cellophane material developed using the processed cellulose.

  • In 1935, a thermoplastic nylon was produced. Following its production, it was extensively used in women stockings.

  • In 1936, the first Polystyrene was made from the Sweetgum resin.

  • In 1937, PTFE Teflon was produced by an American chemist with fluorine added to carbon, and was used for frying pans.

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