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CEO Message


As the Yapraksan family, we are proud of being a company that grows, develops and gets stronger day by day under the guidance of our values on this journey we got started in 1996. Our greatest source of motivation is to make the synergy we have acquired together with our team and stakeholders sustainable, to work in full force without compromising on ethical values to reach common goals by taking determined steps, and to take the pride in our accomplishments together.

We continue to make bold breakthroughs with our passion for our work and our responsibility to our country. For this reason, it is our shared pleasure to lead the way and experience the technologies and innovations that steer the future, to follow the sectoral needs with strong focus on customer satisfaction, and to raise the bar together with all our stakeholders.

We believe in the power of communication and are aware that all solutions are possible through healthy interaction. For this reason, we increase the number of our dialogue channels with the belief in the value of engaging in transparent and open communication with our customers.

As Yapraksan Masterbatch, we are aware that it takes innovation and openness to development to be a globally influential and leading company in the industry. Consequently, we know that our understanding of service will improve through the feedback from you, our valued customers and stakeholders. We thank you in advance for your contributions to our effort to be the pioneering company positioned as your professional solution partner in the industry.

As we put all our R&D resources at the disposal of our stakeholders, we are aware that the development will rely only on the projects we run together. For this very reason, we are pleased to share all our R&D facilities with you. 

For their contribution to our goal of carrying our industry forward,
I would like to extend my gratitude to
all our customers, stakeholders and solution partners, and
our team carrying out efficient and thriving works to reach our goals.


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