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Laboratory R&D

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Our specialized team, who stays on top of the developments, works by adopting the principle of consistency in line with the expectations of our customers in our laboratories furnished with modern equipment, where they carry out coloring and R&D works in consideration of all international standards. They carefully formulate colors by conducting color and product analyses with our available equipment. To reach the right result, the samples prepared are inspected by our team in real conditions before being delivered to the customer. Thanks to our rich color archive that we have developed during our service to the plastics industry for years, we continue to cater for color matching requests from our customers by investing in the state-of-the-art technology equipment without slowing down. 

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The R&D department, constituting the backbone of masterbatch production, works with an understanding by which rapid and precision coloring works are carried out thanks to the rich color archive, the innovations needed by the plastics industry are closely followed, and the formulas are constantly updated in line with revised international regulations. The department offers the most affordable and functional products by keeping in constant contact with the customer according to their demands. Bearing this in mind, we, as Yapraksan family, mostly invest in the R&D department. Within the framework of an innovative and continuous self-development approach, we continue to carry out our works by staying in communication with our customers.


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