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Black Masterbatch

As Yapraksan Masterbatch, we deliver services to the plastics industry by producing Black Masterbatch that has the highest number of intended uses in the industry We have standard product lines produced in-house, which appeal to various industries. Yapraksan formulates its products, produced to suit for different applications and different product ranges, using appropriate types of Carbon Black and offers innovative solutions to its customers. Sustained quality, which is the most pivotal principle of Yapraksan family, delivers numerical values that never deviate regarding Black Masterbatch as with every masterbatch. Formulated by choosing from HAF, ISAF, P-TYPE and SRF Carbon Black types based on the final product and application, our products are mainly used in Film Applications, Electrical & Electronics, Automotive, Packaging, Cable, Toy, Building Materials, Medical and Compound industries. When choosing the products for use in Injection, Extrusion, Profile Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Thermoforming, Compounding, Raffia, Blow Molding and Roto-molding applications, it is advisable to choose from our products with 20% to 50% Carbon Black content considering the application areas so that the desired result can be achieved. 


•    Excellent Dispersion
•    High UV Resistance
•    Resistance to Harsh Weather Conditions
•    High Heat Resistance
•    Compliance with Food Packaging Requirements
•    Compliance with Rohs Requirements
•    Glossy, Transparent and Translucent Structure
•    Compliance with International Standards
•    Full Polymer Compatibility
•    Easy Workability in Process 

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