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Masterbatch Forms


Standard Granule Form

The Yapraksan masterbatch brand processes black, white, colored and additive masterbatches that we produce using a range of polymers, including PE, PP, PS, EVA, ASA, ABS, SAN, PA, PET, PC, PLA, PMMA and PBT, in twin screw extruders by the standard granule form method. This granule form is the most preferable granule form in the industry due to the similarity of granule sizes of all the polymers used in the plastics industry. 

In this cylindrical form, also named pasta [spaghetti], granule sizes approximately range between 2-4 mm in length and ø ~ 3 mm in diameter.  This form of granule, which finds the most extensive area of use in the plastics industry, can be easily used in injection, extrusion, blow molding, film and thermoforming processes as well as in manual, gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems. 

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