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Masterbatch Groups


What is Masterbatch?

The masterbatch literally refers to main mixture. In the plastics industry, it is used as a granular colorant that gives the polymer its color when the thermoplastic polymer is melted and formed.


The color providers [pigments] used in a masterbatch consist of 3 main groups: Organic, Inorganic and Solvent dyestuffs. These pigments are dispersed on a carrier polymer with the help of heat, producing color masterbatches. In recent years, however, additive masterbatches have been used extensively in the plastics industry as well as color masterbatches. Additive masterbatches are products that add functionality based on the selected type of additives, without causing a color effect on the finished product. For this reason, the concept of “masterbatch” now means not only color but also functionality.


Masterbatch production is carried out in granule and micro-granule forms, which can have different cutting patterns.


Why should we use Masterbatch?

Powder pigments or additives fail to mix with the granular polymer homogeneously. For this reason, it becomes difficult to process. Since the masterbatch is in the same form as the polymer, it mixes homogeneously and is easily processed during the process.

Pigments are composed of specific primary colors. Intermediate colors are difficult to capture and maintain. The intended color is produced in one go when the masterbatch is used. Consistency is achieved since the mixture ratio is fixed.

Powder paint particles flying when working with pigment result in contamination and discoloration of the mechanized lines working with different colors. This has an adverse impact on both the finished product and the business in the final phase. At this point, utilizing masterbatch allows ecofriendly and clean use.


Since the pigment mixture ratios have a direct effect on the color and it is a precision process, its formulation leads to problems. Since the intended color is achieved in one go based on a specific formula when using masterbatch, consistency in quality is ensured with no waste of time.


We integrate masterbatch production with the industry experience we have acquired for many years in line with our quality policy, vision and mission. Thanks to our specialized and experienced staff, we aim to be a real "Solution Partner" who caters for the needs of our customers through quality service and reasonable price policy.

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