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Masterbatch Groups


Additive Masterbatch

Additive masterbatches, which the finished product characteristic features or facilitate its processing, take your product one step further and make it functional. In addition to the visual properties that other masterbatches add to the product, the additive masterbatches used do not only make the plastic look visually appealing, but also help it become functional. Additive masterbatches have no impact on the color of the product, and they sometimes form a layer on the surface of the polymer depending on the additive type and sometimes function in line with the intended use. Additive masterbatches, which can be used in each of the Extrusion, Injection, Film, Roto molding and Blowing processes, are advancing gradually with the progress of the plastics industry and plastics technology. New products are presented to the plastics industry in line with the demand.

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