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Masterbatch Types


Mono Masterbatch

Mono Masterbatches are composed of the concentration of a single pigment in the carrier polymer. They are products that are formulated by homogeneous blending of organic or inorganic pigments supplied from the world's leading companies with PP and PE polymers, and they underpin the product range extending to Tailor-Made masterbatches.

The percentage distribution of pigment concentrations varies depending on the pigment types. While products with a maximum concentration of 40% can be produced by organic pigments, this ratio ranges between 40% and 70% for inorganic pigments.  

Mono masterbatches, which are less used in the production phase of products due to their high pigment concentration and which have very good dispersion, are preferred by companies that produce products from Cables, Films, Carpets, Yarns and Recycled raw materials instead of powder pigment for further ease of use and a powder-free environment.

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