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News from Yapraksan

Yapraksan’ın yeni web sitesi yayında...

Yapraksan’s new website launched…

Being out for development and innovation at both micro and macro levels in the industry at all times, Yapraksan concluded its efforts for the infrastructure most suited to its own perspective, working principle and approach;

2018 Üretim Hattının Genişletilmesi

Expansion of the Production Line for 2018

Yapraksan Masterbatch continues to build up its production capacity in 2018 as well.

Yurtdışı Bayilikleri

Overseas Dealerships

The Yapraksan Masterbatch family maintains its overseas growth.

2020 Üretim Hattının ve Laboratuvar Ekipmanlarının Genişletilmesi

Expansion of the Production Line and Laboratory Equipment for 2020

Along with its Laboratory investments, Yapraksan Masterbatch continues making investments to boost its production capacity in 2020.

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