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Tests on Polymers: Density Test

The amount (mass) of matter per unit volume of a matter is called "density".

Density is one of the basic physical properties of matter and is the distinguishing characteristic for all matters existing in the world.

Density is key to masterbatch as the usage rate is determined by density measurement. Formulation is carried out in line with masterbatch density especially in companies working with the dosing method.

Density of polymer materials is one of the most commonly used elements of raw material inspection practices. It is usually determined using the Archimedes' principle. In the Archimedes' principle, the mass of the material in the air and in the liquid is measured with the help of a metal hanger on a balance with an accuracy of ±0.01 g, and the density calculation is made through the difference.

Density measurement is carried out using a precision balance. While the measurement is very simple, attention should be paid to the parameters affecting the value. Temperature is the most important of these parameters. While the temperature does not affect the solid sample to be measured, it does affect the pure water in which the measurement is carried out (pure water is used as liquid during density measurements. Pure water density= 1g/cm3).

During the measurements, the sample is immersed in the liquid with a metal hanger and the measurement is performed using a balance with an accuracy of ± 0.01 g. During density measurements, pure water (with a density of 1 g/cm3) is used as liquid. For water, 0.1% - 1% change takes place with each incremental degree. This also increases the margin of error for the measurement made using the expanding liquid. The margin of error in the measurement changes the third decimal place of the result significantly. For accurate mass measurements in solids, it is required to place the instrument on a vibration-resistant table.

The most commonly used test standards for polymers are DIN EN ISO 1183-1 and 1183-2.

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