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What Is Cool Black Infrared (IR) Radiation?

Electromagnetic rays hitting the earth from the sun have wavelengths of 300-2500 nm. Any rays with wavelengths below 700 nm are infrared light waves that are not visible to the naked human eye. We feel these waves invisible to us as warmth. Because Cool Black reflects the light further, it does not allow the build-up of infrared rays on the material surface and prevents degradation induced by heating. While carbon black reflects about 5% of solar rays, Cool Black reflects the at much higher rates such as 30-50%.

Since Cool Black pigments have reflective properties, the energy consumed for cooling is saved by using it on many surfaces, especially on residential roofs or coatings. This leads to drops in the air temperature in urbans. Thus, more habitable cities start to develop where no extra warming exists.

When Cool Black is used, thermal degradation of the polymeric matrix is avoided due to the considerable reduction of surface temperatures on the materials. In addition, it ensures less thermal expansion, thermal shrinkage and thermal stress which the material will be exposed to due to temperature changes. Thus, it also extends the shelf life of polymers.

Intended Uses:

It can be used on any plastic material exposed to direct sunlight. Manufacturers opt to use powder Cool Black pigment in masterbatches because it disperses more easily and cause no harm to the environment and human health.

It is especially used in building window profiles, PVC applications, greenhouse films and synthetic grass used in sports fields. It finds a specific area of use especially in new design products in the automotive industry; for example, the manufacturer BMW used Cool Black pigments, which reflect infrared rays, to avoid overheating in dashboards and seat covers.

Additionally, it has a wide range of uses in plastic roof systems, etc.

Cool Black masterbatch has less opacity than Carbon Black. Cool Black products produced using the modern technology are more costly than Carbon Black products.

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