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Tests on Polymers: Ash Test

Ash test is conducted to determine if a material is saturated. The total filler content of the material is determined by this test method.

The amount of filler in a material has a specific effect on mechanical properties. For this reason, determining the amount of filler is crucial.

During ash test, the sample with the determined weight is taken into a weighted and dried ceramic crucible, and then placed in the furnace. The polymer material is burned at 500 °C, cooled in the crucible desiccator and weighed. After the polymer material is removed from the environment, the ash content is calculated in % and is called the filler amount.

Muffle furnaces are electric furnaces with usual temperatures potentially rising up to 1200 °C. Removal of polymers during ash tests is carried out with by increasing the temperature incrementally. During the test, the temperature should be increased gradually.

Ash testing is performed in accordance with EN ISO 3451.

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