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Polymer Types

It is formed by polymerization from the monomer ethylene. The macromolecular polymer with a long chain structure is…

Tests on Polymers: Tensile Strength Test

The tensile strength, which is characteristically important for the use of materials in design, varies considerably in polymers. If defined simply…

Tests on Polymers: Aging Test

Aging is the irreversible physical and chemical deformation which a material is exposed to gradually. The aging test is essential for long-lasting industrial products that will be used in polymers. In general, the factors that are most effective on the polymer aging...

Tests on Polymers: Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

DSC is a thermal analysis technique that studies how the thermal capacity of a material changes with temperature. The changes taking place during the phases…

History of the Plastic

Plastic is derived from the Greek words "plastikos" and "plastos" meaning "fit for molding" and “molded”, respectively. Horns and tortoise shells were…

Tests on Polymers: Determination of Color Matching (L*a*b)

Color is a perceived thing that varies from person to person, depending on the eye sensitivity, age, gender and even psychological state of the person, the lighting conditions…

Tests on Polymers: Hardness Test

Hardness is the resistance of a material against scratch and plastic deformation. There is no unit of measurement for hardness. As a general rule, the hardness measurement method is…

Tests on Polymers: Flammability Test

Thermoplastics are materials that do not start to burn in direct contact with the flame. While most plastics continue to burn after…

Tests on Polymers: Hot Wire Test

Hot wire test is a polymer-specific test method preferable in electrical applications. It measures the strength of the material…

Carbon Black Production Methods and Types

Carbon Black is divided into 4 groups: Furnace Black, Channel (Lamp) Black, Thermal Black and Acetylene Black. Furnace blacks are common and…

Tests on Polymers: Ash Test

Ash test is conducted to determine if a material is saturated. The total filler content of the material is determined by this test method. The amount of filler in a material has a specific effect…

Cool Black Pigments

Cool black is a variety of black pigment that reflects heat. Unlike carbon black, they are also…

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